Falling for Mozart

So, let’s catch up. It’s been uneventful around here lately because I had surgery in January!  (I’ll talk about it more later, but yep, I had my gallbladder removed. I’m feeling great and it’s all good!)


Valentine’s Day was actually my one month post-surgery date, and I’ve been filling that time with lots of rest and lots of Mozart in the Jungle. I think I watched the second season about three times all the way through…and then started all over again with the first season. Hey, these things happen when you have to stay in bed! I don’t think I’ve fallen for a television show this hard since Gilmore Girls. Oh, I know. It’s that serious. It plays with the blood.


There’s also been cups and cups and cups of tea. I like a good strong tea, usually English Breakfast these days. SO. MUCH. TEA.


Doing my nails has also been a simple pleasure, and I’ve been loving Sephora’s Formula X polish in Radical. It’s a really pretty lilac, very cheerful. Tulips also make me happy. Are we seeing a trend here? Cheerful! Happy! Caffeinated!!


What have you been loving lately? What’s been making you feel good?




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