Edwardian Christmas Cards

Last night I had dinner with my sister, watched The Great Holiday Baking Show and promptly fell asleep. So, no Blogmas yesterday.  But that just means that you get two posts tomorrow! Madness!! Now then…

So, I love to go antiquing. My mom and I used to visit antique malls when I was little and I loved when something would stand out to her. Maybe her grandmother had the same dishes or she’d recognize a doll that her cousin used to play with. Stories would flow out of her and I made the connection very early on that this odd collection of stuff is a link to my own family history. It’s memory. It’s personal.  It’s for this reason I collect little things that feel special to me, like antique fashion prints, handmade lace and crocheted pieces, crazy quilt samples, old photographs and books, I could go on and on… It’s also probably why I’m now so enamored with history and material culture.


There’s a great little antique mall a few minutes away from my house, called The Tomato Factory. (I wonder if it actually was a tomato factory at some point. There’s a building that’s been converted into condos across the street from it, called The Chocolate Factory. What’s up, Hopewell? Why all the factories? And can we please have that chocolate factory reopened?! I would be so on board to work there. That just has classic Lucy and Ethel shenanigans written all over it. “Speeeed it up a little!” WHAT ON EARTH WAS I TALKING ABOUT?!)


Right, so I went to The Tomato Factory, which I was happy to see dotted with beautiful tinsel trees covered in vintage glass ornaments and Christmas cutouts and Edwardian post cards. These three had to come home with me. I think my favorite is the little lady peeking through the holly. She’s got an Evelyn Nesbit vibe. I’m into it.


And it case you’re wondering, it was sent to Miss Helen Seasholtz of Danville, PA from her friend Minnie, wishing her a “Merry Xmas.” Postmarked 1906. (Sorry I read your mail, Helen.)







One thought on “Edwardian Christmas Cards

  1. barb massa says:

    My favorite is the little girls hanging stockings. There is a picture of Patty and I just like that. Of course not edwardian.Beautiful post.

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