Wet Hot American Halloween

“Well, we’ve made it to the end of the summer in one piece, except for a few campers who are lepers.”


Yes indeed! It’s Wet Hot American Summer’s camp director and friend to all…BETH!…complete with her beloved can of mixed vegetables. I’ve chosen to combine both First Day of Camp and original WHAS Beth, including pre and post mousse makeover. Obviously.




“Mousse? As in… moose?”



This might have been one of the easiest, yet most satisfying Halloween costumes I’ve ever made. And by made, I mean pulled from my closet, because Beth and I essentially have the same wardrobe. And may this be a reminder that it doesn’t matter if no one else understands your costume! Have fun, like what you like and be a total nerd. (Words to live by. I am very wise.)

Here are some of my favorite Beth moments, for your viewing pleasure:


Now finish up them taters, I’m gonna go fondle my sweaters.


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