The Amazing Pumpkin Carve and Corn Maze Adventure


I love that I live in a town where viewing pumpkins is a major event. A few weekends ago, David and I went to the Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s “Amazing Pumpkin Carve” and got to see dozens and dozens of spooky gourds!




The HVAC is relatively new but has put on some really wonderful programs to make art accessible and exciting to the public. Two thumbs up, HVAC! I really enjoyed the Poe pumpkin (Poe-kin?) and the smiley sunshine-y pumpkin. It looks exactly like autumn makes me feel.  #warmfuzzies



After the pumpkin carve, we headed over to the Corn Maze, thinking we’d be in and out within twenty minutes and then go get some pizza. Mmmm…pizza. Believe me when I say, this maze was no joke. We got corralled into an “orientation room” and handed the rules of the maze. Turns out that segments of a map were hidden in mailboxes within the maze (ten total) and we had to find all of them, lest we die in said corn field.




Long story short, it took us about an hour and a half to get out. (!!!!) And because I wanted to live out my Stars Hollow-hay-bale-maze fantasies, I carried a giant flag the entire time, the handle of which had some sort of red splattered paint on it. That, or the person who had it last impaled their maze partner with it out of frustration.


Ultimately, this one gets placed into the “Why are we doing this/We are SO coming back next year” file. Huzzah for new traditions! Huzzah for making it out alive!


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